A quick primer on what RegEx is and how you can use it in your JavaScript projects

When I was working on some algorithm problem sets a few days ago, I kept running into a pretty commonplace scenario when working with text — I found myself needing to extract information from a string to perform a specific set of operations on it.

While reformatting data is something…

Every blog post on “How to Become a Software Engineer” talks about how vital Big O Notation is, but what exactly is it? Here’s a five-minute introduction for those not in the know.

You might be taking coding tutorials online, diligently working through labs in boot camp, or maybe you’ve just started your research into what a transition into Software Engineering looks like, and everything is starting to click into place.

Know the difference between an IDE and a Text Editor? Check. Are…

Maxwell Harvey Croy

Music Fanatic, Software Engineer, and Cheeseburger Enthusiast. I enjoy writing about music I like, programming, and other things of interest.

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